A yellow rose. Glitter text reading: In Loving Memory A yellow rose.
Glitter text reading: Can't stop thinking about you.
A candle. 
                             A frame with purple flowers wrapped around it, containing a black and white image of benny, a human with dog ears and a smug expression. A candle.

Fly High, Benny.

It was in December of 2023 that my friend benny passed away. it was so sudden. it was so quick and i thought id hear his voice again
we had planned to play roblox when he got home and then he was gone. he had slipped on a banana peel. he didn't even have time to
react. i wish i had been there to atleast warn him.
i wrote a poem for him. im not the best at this, but i think its what he'd want.

wish i could hear you again
wish your site kept living on
wish your account still had an owner
also if you see reigen there (in hell) can you ask him why he laid still for so long on the floor in season 1 episode 12

some quotes from his other friends

when we heard of his death we scurried to make a memorial . here are some quotes
  • “we did it reddit”
    “snif…. he did not deserve this.”
    “im benny's evil twin and while i was always threatening him i didn't expect him
    to actually go to hell. what the fuck”

    “guys im not dea- *BAM BAM BAM*”
    “i don't know who or what that is”

    unfortunately no one liked him so we were unable to get more friend quotes

    Glitter text surrounded by glittering hearts. It reads: Close together or far apart / you're forever in my heart
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