welcome to my website.... the site's name is a reference to this tumblr post. i used to like anime but i got gentrified and got addicted to coding. i havent watched anime or read manga in like 3 years. the addiction is really strong. any use of anime characters is for poser points only i dont know most of these mfs. check the about me page for further info on my taste in anime

WARNING WARNING: THIS IS THE SITE REVAMP I'VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT FOR THE PAST 2 MONTHS!!! I PROCRASTINATED THE ENTIRE TIME AND DID THIS IN ONE NIGHT. though i did do it on mobile, so its unfinished for now. editing on mobile is hell

it's worth noting that the character all over my site is Kiki Fukuoka from sburb.exe, i didnt create them

EMAIL ME... NOW! you can literally just email me for any reason, you can email me just to talk to me, i love talking to people!! you can also contact me through the site's official tumblr blog

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